Temperature Calibration Services

1111ASP offers temperature calibration services. We have different types of Primary Standard Platinum Thermometers (SPRT) as our reference standard. We use comparison method to calibrate different temperature sensors in the fluid bath and the secondary standard furnace. For laboratory applications, the calibration temperature range is from -200°C to 850°C. The calibration data is traceable to National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). For industrial applications, the temperature range is from -200°C to 1,100°C.

Calibration Capability

Temperature Range

Calibration Uncertainty


-196 to 500°C

0.004 to 0.020°C

Comparison method on the ITS-90 to SPRT and Thermocouples

-196 to 660°C

0.004 to 0.030°C

-196 to 850°C

0.004 to 0.080°C

-196 to 1,100°C

0.004 to 0.5°C

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ITS-90 coefficients and R vs. T90 table from -196 to 500°C in 1°C increment


ITS-90 coefficients and R vs. T90 table from -196 to 660°C in 1°C increment


ITS-90 coefficients and R vs. T90 table from -196 to 850°C in 1°C increment


R vs. T table from -196 to 1,100°C in 1°C increment


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Specialty of product

Excellent long term stability and wide temperature range is the specialty of ASP RTDs and PRTs.

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