11111Advanced Sensing Products (ASP) is a manufacturer of temperature sensors.  Since its inception in 1997, ASP has developed proprietary technology to produce temperature sensors with qualities and temperature ranges unsurpassed in the industry, with a focus on secondary standard platinum resistance thermometers (PRTs), working standard PRTs, and precision industrial resistance temperature detectors (RTDs).  In addition, ASP also offers temperature sensor calibration services and it is capable of providing certificates that are NIST traceable.

11111 We produce all elements for our temperature sensors and probes, which ensures superior stability and repeatability to be assembled in the RTD probes.  This gives us a total control over our product quality.  Our RTDs have a temperature range from 200 Celsius to 1100 Celsius. The RTDs are used in industrial as well as laboratory metrology applications. 

11111The products and technology of ASP are widely applied in laboratory metrology, instrumentation, and industrial process control and measurement. 


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Specialty of product

Excellent long term stability and wide temperature range is the specialty of ASP RTDs and PRTs.

How to Order

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