850°C Working standard PRTs

This new product combines our high temperature RTD probe technique with our special reference grade RTD elements. WSP850 series have similar accuracy and long-term stability of SSP850 secondary standard PRTs. This working standard PRT has upper limit up to 850°C and resistance drift at triple point of water less than 0.030°C after long-term test at 850°C for 500 hours. WSP850 PRT is designed for industrial environments to withstand mechanical shock.


Temperature range:

-250 -850°C
Resistance at 0°C:
25.5 Ω, 100 Ω
Temperature coefficient:
0.003850 or 0.003925 minimum
R0 typical drift < 0.03°C after
500 hours at 850°C
R0 typical drift < 0.005°C after
cycles from -196 to 850°C
Withstand 10 to 2,000 HZ at 20 G's


0.188" and 0.25" dia. x 12" L standard, custom sizes available

How to order


Model number


Tolerance at 0°C:

01 = ± 0.1% at 0°C


Probe length:

120 = 12.0 inches

Specify in 0.5" increment


lead wire termination:

G = Gold plated banana plugs

D = DIN connector

Sample part number:WSP85001120


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Specialty of product

Excellent long term stability and wide temperature range is the specialty of ASP RTDs and PRTs.

How to Order

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